Under the Volcano

          I guess it's nice for any musician to get acceptance. But that usually leads to type casting. When Stefan and I  began playing together regularly the expectation seemed to be of an uncomfortable mingling of American funk and English whimsy - Charlie Patton meets John Dowland. Stefan in fact was based in Europe and quite absorbed with Celtic trends and I'd been living with a throwaway line about trying to play like Big Bill Broonzy for years. In between concert tours we collaborated on four studio albums, of which this is the second, and one live double album. Here it's Stefan playing O'Carolan's Sheebeg an Sheemore and I'm tackling an idea kicked off by listening to Jimmy Yancey.  Flying right in the face of expectations. The reality was that we shared a lot of common ground and enjoyed an easy  interchange of ideas.

Idaho Potato Sheebeg an Sheemore - Drunken Wagoner Under the Volcano: Resurrection of Blind joe Death - Four for the Roses - Montagu's Pact - The Rights of Man Bonaparte's Retreat - Billy in the Lowgrounds Swedish Jig Water Gypsy All Things Parallel Must Converge The Blarney Pilgrim Mississippi Blues Number 3