There You Go

      Dorris Henderson arrived in London in 1964. She came from Watts in Los Angeles where her daddy was a well established preacher with a big congregation. So Dorris could really sing gospel, but she knew the blues too. Her uncle was the legendary Guitar Nubbit and she listed T-Bone Walker and John Lee Hooker among her friends.     We met at the Roundhouse in Soho. I think Champion Jack Dupree was working that night. It was a big thrill for me to play for her. We did gigs around the London clubs and toured a bit. Dorris also landed a spot on a weekly television show on which Alexis Korner headed the house band. The tunes here are pretty representative, simply vocal and guitar, all done live in an afternoon. A bit of church, a bit of blues, and what are probably among the first 'cover versions' of songs by young up and coming songwriters Paul Simon and Bob Dylan.

Sally Free And Easy Single Girl Ribbon Bow Cotton Eyed Joe Mr Tambourine Man Mist On The Mountain The Lag's Song American Jail Song The Water Is Wide Something Lonesome Song Winter Is Gone Strange Lullaby You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond One Morning In May A Banjo Tune Going To Memphis