The Three Kingdoms

            For this album we had the luxury of recording at John Paul Jones' place which happened to be near where I was living at the time. It was a treat to get the chance to work with him. John's house overlooked the estuary of the river Dart. It was a beautiful setting that appealed to the local seagulls. They liked to fly in and settle on his chimney pots. Right at the end of one of Stefan's tunes they all let out a monumental squawk. The recording quality was pristine and the timing was impeccable.  I'm sorry to say it was edited out, and my job after that was to stand outside brandishing a catapult trying to look menacing. It didn't work. Another one for the CV -- Seagull Scarer   Failed .

The Three Kingdoms Round Midnight Dollar Town Catwalk Cherry Rites of Passage Kiera's Dream - Parson's Mud Keeper of the Vine Minuet in D-minor Farewell to Mr Mingus Abide With Me - Old Gloryland