The Pentangle

           Prior to venturing into a recording studio Pentangle played regularly at little venues in and around Soho. It wasn’t exactly the dark ages but it was early days in the world of multitrack recording. Our first record was done pretty much live, no overdubs as far as I recall. Basically it was:  get a balance, play the number, and best take was the one. Years later when we found there was still interest in our work we went back to the original tapes expecting to find a wealth of overlooked material. What emerged was copious breaking of strings and much laughter. Getting through intact appears to have been the predominant deciding factor. It was a great moment though listening back through the big speakers – hearing ourselves objectively for the first time. Maybe we gained a bit more savvy on later recordings but there’s a freshness to this one that I’m sure we all felt.

Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
Hear My Call
Way Behind the Sun
Bruton Town