The Hermit

       During the time Pentangle was on the road I got a bit out of touch with the way things were developing on the acoustic guitar front. When the band stopped touring l discovered there had been quite some goings on. There were a lot of young players out there in the world coming up with good stuff on the fingerstyle steel-string guitar and and it was nice to think that the approach of British players had been an influence. By that time l had moved out into the country and I consciously set about working on guitar arrangements that might make a further contribution. Pieces that relied less on improvisation and which could be notated and passed on intact. l borrowed ideas from various instruments, the lute, keyboard, and irish harp, and made up others which I suppose took ideas that went back to ‘Lady Nothynges Toye Puffe’ a stage further. John James, another old Transatlantic man, joined me on duets as did Dominique Trepeau a representative for the Paris delegation.

John’s Tune
Goat Island
Old Mac Bladgitt
Faro’s Rag
Caroline’s Tune
The Lamentation of Owen Roe O’Neill
Lord Inchiquin
Carolan’s Concerto
The Princess and the Puddings
Bicycle Tune
A Toye
Lord Willoughby’s Welcome Home