The Guitar of John Renbourn

      Recorded back in the 'seventies, this was initially an album of library music - a collection of clips to be used as sound tracks - which was picked up by the record company and issued as a listening cd almost thirty years later.

     The drill with library music is that the writer is issued with a brief complete with mood inspiring titles like Opaque Translucence and Hedgerow Awakening  - a situation with the potential for quandry in a young and inexperienced composer. An old stager will just go over to the unplaced manuscripts drawer, pull out a few at random, and add the titles to the top pages. It doesn't always work but it is surprising how often it does.

     The original recording was done at the old Livigstone studios with friend and engineer Nick Kinsey and provided the opportunity to work together with Tony Roberts, Jaqui McShee and Kesh Sathe before going on to form the John Renbourn Group.

Swallow Flight Light Traveller Reflections 1 Reflections 2 Freedom Road Introspection Passing Time Portrait of a Village Summer Song Glastonbury Little Hands Deserted Streets