Sweet Child

          This was Pentangle’s second recording. We now had a double album, a Peter Blake cover, and we’d been recorded at the Royal Festival Hall. Things were looking up.  The Festival Hall was still a bastion of the old guard. A young Bob Dylan had paved the way a few years earlier but it still felt like entering the precinct of officialdom. I couldn’t help thinking ‘ If I hadn’t ‘ve been playing here they wouldn’t ‘ve let me in.’      Bert and I stood at the window of the Green Room looking down on the embankment as our rabbly audience sloped by. Friends spotted us so naturally we graced them with the royal wave. They too responded by gesture.  All in all it was ‘an occasion.’  And the whole thing was documented in living 3-track stereo.

Market Song
No More My Lord
Turn Your Money Green
Haitian Fight Song
A Woman Like You
Goodbye Pork-Pie Hat
Bransle Gay – La Rotta
Earle of Salisbury
Watch the Stars
So Early in the Spring
No Exit
The Time Has Come
Bruton Town
Sweet Child
I Loved a Lass
Three-Part Thing
In Time
In Your Mind
I’ve Got a Feeling
The Trees They Do Grow High
Hole in the Coal