Stefan and John

     Before his arrival in England Stefan Grossman was a guitarist whose reputation preceded him. Travelling on the continent I had run into a number of really good players who had known him and picked up on his ideas. The story was that Stefan had learned first hand from some of the great old musicians caught up in the American folk revival. He had known Son House, Skip James and John Hurt and spent time studying with Reverend Gary Davis. One recording that hit the spot was a collaboration with Danny Kalb who had already been over with Dave Van Ronk.

     After he made London his base and heard the things that Bert and Davey were doing we began playing together. We had a certain amount of common ground and it was good to be working out guitar duets again. Most of our recordings were made back at Livingston studios and engineered by my old friend Nick Kinsey, when Stefan was able to prise him out of the pub. We toured together fairly extensively – France, Spain, Scandinavian Australia, Japan, and also back in the States, the first time for me since Pentangle. Critics commented on our contrasting approaches but I think we put together some nice stuff.

Snap a Little Owl
Bermuda Triangle Exit
The Shoes of the Fisherman’s Wife
Luckett Sunday
Why A Duck
The Drifter
Looper’s Corner
Luke’s Little Summer
Spirit Levels
The Way She Walks
Woman From Donori