Solomon’s Seal

         Solomon’s Seal is another name for the Pentangle or Pentagram, the origin of which is told in a footnote to the medieval story Sir Gawain and the Greene Knight. It was our last album before we disbanded and it virtually fell through the net at the time. Years later after a minor hue and cry the tapes were found … languishing under my harmonium. It was pleasantly surprising when they saw the aural equivalent of the light of day again in the vintage machine room at Abbey Road. An old friend Ayliffe, who was playing music with Jacqui before he made the mistake of introducing her to me, designed our cover. Bringing things full circle as it were.

Sally Free And Easy
The Cherry Tree Carol
The Snows
High Germany
People on the Highway
Willy O’Winsbury
No Love is Sorrow
Jump Baby Jump
Lady of Carlisle