So Early in the Spring

           In some ways this was like a throwback to the early days of recording for Transatlantic – sit in front of a couple of mics and play until there is enough in the can. Most of the old albums didn’t take a lot longer than the sum of the track timings. The big difference was the situation – the vast state-of-the-art studio at Nippon Columbia in Tokyo and the somewhat more formal atmosphere. At the time it was almost customary for visiting players to round off a Japanese tour with an afternoon in the studio and generally the material was what was currently on the set list.

So Early in the Spring
The Mist Covered Mountains of Home – The Orphan
To Glastonbury
The English Dance
The Banks of Sweet Primroses
Blues Run the Game
Great Dreams from Heaven
Peacock Rag
If You Haven’t Any Hay
The Young Man that Wouldn’t Hoe Corn
Buckets of Rain