Ship of Fools

      We took the name of this band from Sebastian Brandt's medieval moralistic tale, along the lines of Blind Faith and not chosen at random. lt was only intended as a once-off to take part in a series of concerts being held in New York's Central Park. We survived the concert and went on to tour and record. The band was Tony Roberts and myself, Steve Tilston who like me had gone through the Transatlantic experience and Maggie Boyle whose musical background was rooted in the Irish tradition. The music we put together was largely arrangements of folk tunes and this, the only recording, represents most of what we got up to. We were graced by a couple of outstanding cover designs, the British release was by Hieronymus Bosch and the American release was by Eric Von Schmidt.

Searching for Lambs Sandwood Down to Kyle Bogey’s Bonnie Belle Lark in the Clear Air The Martinmass Wind Cobbler’s Jig - Maltese Brawl I Live Not Where I love The Verdent Braes of Screen Travellers’ Prayer