Pentangle – The Time Has Come

           On the evening of Monday the 5th of February 2007 we all lined up to receive a BBC Lifetime Achievement Award from the hands of Sir Richard Attenborough.  What ensued was a reunion tour complete with rehearsals even. A 4-CD retrospective was compiled to commemorate our return. One CD contained the remaining tracks from our first big concert not included on the original Sweet Child album. We revisited the scene of our earlier ‘occasion’ back in the ‘sixties, The Royal Festival Hall. That show was captured in it’s entirety too. The recording remains unissued but has been transferred and edited and is in presentable shape. No doubt it will emerge someday — The Return of the Old Painthandle.  A lesson to one and all that forty years of diligence and devotion pays off in the end.  Or something like that.

Travelling Song
In Your Mind
In Time
Sweet Child
The Trees They Do Grow High
Light Flight
Once I Had a Sweetheart
I Saw an Angel
Springtime Promises
Cold Mountain
Train Tune
Hunting song
Lord Franklin
Jack Orion
Cruel Sister
Helping Hand
Faro Annie
So Clear
The Snows
Jump Baby Jump
Tam Lin
The Best Part of You
Green Willow
WayBehind the Sun
The Time Has Come
Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
So Early in the Spring
Hear My Call
No More My Lord
Bransle Gay – La Rotta – Earle of Salisbury
Market Song
Bruton Town
A Woman Like You
No Exit
Haitian Fight Song
John Donne Song
Watch the Stars
Turn Your Money Green
Travelling Song
Sally Go Round the Roses
Sally Free and Easy
Wondrous Love
Sweet Child
Willy O’Winsbury
Rain and Snow
No Love is Sorrow
Wedding Dress
The Furniture Store
Christian the Lion
People on the Highway