Nobody’s Fault But Mine

         The original Transatlantic company went through such a series of changes that Private Eye saw fit to lampoon the situation - only it wasn't a lampoon. But as sometimes happens the wreckage was washed ashore and a salvage operation got underway. This compilation was at the helm at the relaunching : a double CD made up of tracks - several previously unreleased - spanning the years 1966 to 2005.  The powers that be decided on the title with its obvious implications, which wasn't entirely fair. I was aided and abetted at every turn. For me it feels a bit like looking through the wrong end of the telescope or De Selby's sequence of mirrors. The scowly  young fellow on the cover is my son Joel, now well into his forties and still scowling.

Plainsong The Wildest Pig in Captivity Lost Lover Blues The Waggoner's Lad Come Up Horsey Nobody's Fault But Mine After the Dance My Sweet Potato Kokomo Blues Water Gypsy Just Like Me Shake Shake Mamma Faro's Rag Catwalk Dark Island - Hymn - Great Dreams Reflections 1 Waltz on Sunday Sally Go Round the Roses Cannonball Stomp So Clear The Lamentation of  Owen Roe O'Neill Lord Inchiquin Carolan's Concerto The Moon Shines Bright The English Dance Death and the Lady The Trees They Grow High Talk About Suffering Circle Dance The Truth From Above My Johnny Was A Shoemaker South Wind - Blarney Pilgrim Lindsay Sidi Brahim Im Wunderschonen Monat Mai Travellers' Prayer Variations on My Lady Carey's Dompe At the Break of the Day Going to Memphis