Another Monday

     This is the follow-up as it were to ‘John Renbourn,’ the building site album – the moonlight demo studio tapes having been taken by the little Transatlantic company, probably because they were going cheap. By now I had a new guitar, a Gibson J-50 to be like Davey Graham, bought from an American airman for fifty pounds and replacing the trusty Scarth (only a fiver). I also had a contract and a change of clothes and naively expected recording conditions to improve. They did, but not to the extent of a fancy studio, more to Bill Leader’s kitchen. In fact I could have done a lot worse. Bill had a recorded history of great stuff going back to pre-Topic days. He came within my realm of idolization by having recorded Ramblin’ Jack Elliott on “Jack Takes the Floor.”

     Jacqui McShee sang on a couple of songs that we used to do together in places like the Cousins, documenting for the first time our inimitable ‘Blind Willie and Angeline Johnson meets Miki and Griff’ approach. So by now the pre Pentangle assemblage was assembling. The title track was named after the monday market near the art school in Kingston and borrowed ideas that I had heard Davey playing. Another short guitar piece ‘Lady Nothinge’s Toye Puffe’ had more of a mock-tudor feel in contrast to the mock-tutwiler folk blues. It wasn’t a new thing for me but it became a direction.


Another Monday sleeve Another Monday
Ladye Nothing’s Toye Puffe
I Know My Babe
Lost Lover Blues
One For William
Sugar Babe
Debbie Anne
Can’t Keep From Crying
Day At The Seaside
Nobody’s Fault But Mine