Live In Italy

     For me Italy has long been a wonderful country to play in. Quite why is difficult to nail down. Back in the ‘seventies there was a movement known as Musica Vera which I got caught up in. But that doesn’t explain it all by a long shot.

     Anyway one place that still holds fond if blurred memories is Roma’s Folkstudio – a basement club that reminded me of the Cousins, only funkier. I’d go over and play there for a week or so, staying in a room down a little alley leading into the square of Santa Maria in Trastevere. The square at night was utterly beautiful and even the bare room had a certain charm. With the pleasure of good company and the wine from Sacrofano it was a productive time for me.

     How this recording came to be made I honestly have no idea. To describe the p.a. in the Folkstudio as a curiosity would be charitable in the extreme. It wouldn’t have been out of place in Frankinstein’s laboratory. Somehow the benign boss Giancarlo Cesaroni engineered it on the quiet. And the result is documented evidence.


Lord Franklin
South Wind – Blarney Pilgrim
Sandwood Down to Kyle
Little Niles
Great Dream from Heaven
The Mist Covered Mountains of Home
Sweet Potato