Live In Concert

         For the time we were playing together Stefan and I clocked up a lot of airmiles. Getting to record in a nice studio was a rare treat. But plenty of our live shows were documented and this double album is representational of what we did. A kind of one-size-fit-all set that got us through ... mostly. These tracks were recorded over in Portland Oregon and down in Sydney at the famous Opera House. No overdubbing in  the playing or the applause. The cover shows us up on the big stage at the Vancouver Festival. One of the great festivals of all time if my memory serves me well.

Looper's Corner The Shoes of the Fisherman's Wife Twelve Sticks Cocaine Blues Pretty Girl Milking a Cow Tightrope Make Believe Stunt Sheebeg an Sheemore - Drunken Wagoner The Assassination of John Fahey Cincinnati Flow Rag - New York City Rag - Hot Dogs Judy - Angie Lindsay Lament for Owen Roe O'Neill- Mist Covered Mountains of Home - The Orphan So Early in the Spring The English Dance Great Dreams From Heaven Sweet Potato Bonaparte's Retreat - Billy in the Lowgrounds Goodbye Porkpie Hat Candyman Midnight on the Water Spirit Levels Mississippi Blues