Live in America

        Trying to get off the road and settle into a life of rural bliss is a lot harder than you'd think. It was a lot harder than I'd thought anyway. Maybe it's the lure of the greasepaint and all that. But I doubt it. Musicians, by and large, tend to be dreamy types. They get a call right when their mind is wizzing with hemidemiquavers and say 'yes' just to keep the flow going.  Next thing they know it's tin box and toothbrush time again. ' From Natchez to Mobile .... From Memphis to St Joe '   or in our case Bangor to Portland, Rockport to Fairfax.  I'm not joking.

        Well, I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining. I lived out on the west coast for a while and it was really good. A list of things I miss would be a long one and although touring wouldn't be high on the list together with the trusty troupe I found myself on the move. From time to time our shows were recorded - I know a DVD appeared a while back - and this double album complete with an original cover by Eric Von Schmidt earned us a Grammy nomination. We were pipped by Queen Ida which we all felt was fair enough.

Lindsay Ye Mariners All English Dance The Cruel Mother Breton Dances The Trees they Grow High Farewell Lovely Nancy Van Dieman's Land High Germany Sidi Brahim The Month of May is Past - Night Orgies John Dory So Early in the Spring The Fair Flower of Northumberland John Barleycorn