John Renbourn

      This is the first record to come out under my own name. And it had my picture on the cover. That was in 1965, back in the days when the record company was under the impression that a picture of me might be good for sales. Most of it was done in a little demo studio not far from Les Cousins in Soho. Someone had the keys to the place and a bunch of us went across and played for fun after the pubs closed.

     The material is fairly typical of the time — so-called British Folk Blues, direct from the Dorking Delta, plus some guitar tunes of mine — the sort of thing I had been making up since I first had a guitar. Bert Jansch was among those present, if not correct, and the two tunes with both of us probably represent the earliest in the Bert- and-John ‘Folk Baroque’ department. First of many in the ‘made-up-on-the-spot-and-never-to-be-repeated’ tradition.


Beth’s Blues
Down on the Barge
John Henry
Louisiana Blues
Blue Bones
Train Tune
The Wildest Pig in Captivity
National Seven
Motherless Children
Winter is Gone
Noah and Rabbit