Basket of Light

        Affectionately, or maybe not so affectionately, this was  known as the Old Basket – principally by disgruntled Transatlantic artistes who found themselves loading boxes of them out of the warehouse.  The main reason the ‘product was shifting’ was that it had our hit on it – Light Flight , a modification of the song that had been the theme tune for a popular television series.  The basic rhythm pattern alternated between 5/4 and 7/4 – anarchy in the realm of pop-song formulae. It was entertaining to observe pub customers trying to whistle it after a few beers.

       Someone, who attempted to remain anonymous, took it upon themselves to add a sort of credo to the sleeve notes – the drift of which was that we were crusaders with an acoustic mission in a world sullied by amplification. Phonus Balonus. We’d just spent two months on the road in America working underground rock venues and were amped to the eyeballs.


Light Flight
Once I Had a Sweetheart
Springtime Promises
Lyke-Wake Dirge
Train Song
Hunting Song
Sally Go Round the Roses
The Cuckoo
House Carpenter