A Maid in Bedlam

              The John Renbourn Group was the result of moving out to the country after the intensity of touring with Pentangle. It was never intended as a commercial venture – simply a relaxed get-together of good people with some musical ideas in common. But we got talked into gigging and recording and this is our first album – the kind of stuff we were playing in our various kitchens at the time. The artist Peter Blake had already established The New Ruralists and we saw ourselves as something along the lines of the musical equivalent. We came close to registering Hayboy Productions but rough cider intervened. The music was consciously folksy with nods to local tradition and the input of the friends was certainly as fertile as my own. We got labelled The John Renbourn Group by the record company only because we had no acceptable suggestions ourselves.

Black WatersideNacht Tanz – Shaeffertanz
A Maid in Bedlam
Gypsy Dance – Jews Dance
John Barleycorn
My Johnny Was A Shoemaker
Death And The Lady
The Battle of Augrham – 5 In a Line
Talk About Suffering