Acoustic Guitar

        On one of our trips to Japan Stefan was invited to make a direct-to-disk recording. That was the thing at the time – a modern day throwback to cutting hot wax. An entire side had to be nailed in one shot, right down to not breathing in the gaps between tracks. I got roped in to join in on the last track on each side. One fluff on my part and it would have been back to square one. The big room was lined with stony faced executives. The tension was so intense it spilled over into absurdity.  We did it I’m proud to say. The only incident being that as we finished the first take one character jumped up beaming his approval. And his chair creaked. I sometimes wonder what he’s doing these days.

Mississippi Swamp Marsh-My Creole Belle – Katz Rag
Spirit Levels
Twelve Sticks
Cocaine Blues
Sake and Jellyroll
Bonaparte’s Retreat – Billy in the Lowgrounds