Travellers’ Prayer

      A while back the Shanachie company gave me the go-ahead to make a record in Ireland. The brief included walking on Irish soil, breathing Irish air and staying refreshed by Irish refreshment. The idea all stemmed from a fine night out in Cork in the company of Liam Clancey, doing pretty much that but without the recording.

       There was no intention of trying to present the tunes as they are meant to be played, rather to approach them differently – mainly by the addition of harmony. Not imposed alien harmonies but lines initiated by the character of the melodies. For me the whole experience was musically very rewarding. And it was a real pleasure being with the superb musicians who entered into a project that was, after all,  an oblique take on their music, with a lot of skill and no little humour.

Bunyan’s Hymn
When the Wind Begins to Sing
Wexford Lullaby
I Saw Three Ships – Newgate Hornpipe
Planxty Llanthony – Loftus Jones
At the Break of the Day
Travellers’ Prayer
South Wind – Feathered Nest