The Lady and the Unicorn


     The next solo project after ‘Sir Jonhalot.’  Concepts from the B-side continued. Medieval and renaissance music played folksyly and folk music played renaissance and medievally. By 1969 the early music revival in England was emerging from the cottage industry stage but still hadn’t gone all that far. The folk scene was in full flight. The similarities between examples of early music surviving in manuscript and folk tunes as still performed were often strong which led on to the idea of using their melodic/rhythmic characteristics as a framework for solos, something along the lines of some small integrated jazz ensembles. It turned out to be something that had an immediate appeal to the musicians who came in for the sessions and who were fortunate choices indeed. Lea Nicholson had already steered the course of concertina playing in new directions. Don Harper was a rare find as a viola player who could really improvise. And Tony Roberts became a great friend and mentor, collaborating on a number of subsequent projects including what was to become the John Renbourn Group.



Trotto – Saltarello – Lamento Di Tristan – La Rotta
Veri Floris – Triple Ballade
Bransle Gay – Bransle de Bourgogne
Alman – Melancholy Galliard
The Lady And The Unicorn
My Johnny Was A Shoemaker – Westron Wynde – Scarborough Fair